Queue Theory

I have created another template for your computing pleasure. This new template is a Monte Carlo model based upon a standard function for calculating the queue count. The formula for calculating the count in queue is:

q = (a2) / (s(s - a))

In the formula, q is the count in the Queue, a is Arrival Count and s is the In Service Count.

The model allows you to change the expected arrivals and average count that can be serviced on the Data tab, then read the results on the Report tab. The model calculates various metrics, such as: utilization, count in queue, count in system, wait time, etc… You can select the metric that is reported on the report page from the drop-down on the data sheet.

Queue theory has been used to optimize such diverse areas as traffic light timing, amusement park queues, and emergency waiting room staffing.

The model is very generic, so you should definitely validate the formulas are doing what you need before you rely on the results but, hopefully, it is a good start on solving your next queue problem.

See you next time…